• Sustainable Behavior Change Make healthy changes you'll love that will last a lifetime! As much as we would like it to, transformation doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why the Enforcer provides daily nudges to gradually ease you towards reaching your goals. We help you, we listen, and we understand (we’ve been there, too!). We know better than anyone how to move you along a better way of living…not just today, not just tomorrow, but for the rest of your life.
  • High Touch Daily communication with your coach to deliver the best results. We believe in staying connected, so every day you’ll send us an email and we’ll send one back to you. We know it’s pretty simple to send a short message anywhere, anytime. We may cut you some slack if you miss a day, but we want you to succeed so we’ll nudge you to stay in touch if we don’t hear from you!
  • Personal Each participant receives custom-tailored, friendly feedback. You may be using email, but you’re never talking to a machine. Our coaches engage with fun, motivational, personalized support and insight. We think it is important to develop a relationship with your lifestyle guide, who gets to know you throughout the process. We live what we teach, and work with you every step on the way to living a healthier lifestyle.
  • Email-based Communication Continuous steps to progress are as easy as email!

    There are no websites to log into, no passwords to remember, no special software. Just send us an email and we’ll take care of the rest. If you don’t have an email address, what are you waiting for? Set up a free account. We want to make this process of change as fun and easy as possible for you.
  • Dr. Michael Roizen FOUNDER THE ENFORCER at five foot five and a RealAge of 42.8 (compared to his actual age of 65), is known for his "tough love" approach, straight-forward "real talk" and unruly hairstyles. a.k.a., "Dr. Mike" and "The Enforcer". Dr. Roizen has coached thousands of people and enjoys a reputation as a highly popular, trusted, knowledgeable, compassionate and internationally recognized wellness expert. Out of this experience, and with his supporting team of experts in nutrition, exercise physiology, stress management, etc., he has constructed the knowledgebase and support mechanisms needed to deliver meaningful guidance for enduring behavioral change in lifestyle choices leading to improved health for individuals, employees, employers and the broader economy. Young Dr. Mike shows compassion and caring for his coaching patients in a personal way. A New York Times bestselling author along with Mehmet Oz, Dr. Mike's passion lies in helping YOU take your health into your own hands, living life to the healthiest and youngest.
  • Dr. Keith Roach CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER Daily Steps: 15,408 His calendar age is 46, but his RealAge is 38.6, thanks in part to his early-morning triathlon training. To date, Dr. Roach has completed 24 triathlons and counting! Dr. Keith is the backbone of the Enforcer. Our guy with all of the numbers, he oversees the progress of our participants, the program’s coaching results, and the training of our coaches. The chief medical officer of RealAge, he has worked with Dr. Roizen on an assortment of projects since 1989. Dr. Keith is an associate professor of clinical medicine at Cornell University and practices general medicine at New York-Presbyterian Hospital. A competitive triathlete and enthusiastic participant in the program, Dr. Keith has a deep interest in disease prevention, cost-benefit analysis, and geriatric health care. He enjoys sharing in the excitement people feel when they begin to see positive changes in their lives, getting to know the participants, sacrificing a lower RealAge for being a fast driver, and going on walks with his kids.
  • Percy Bhathena CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER Daily Steps: 14,023 “I drink 3 glasses of chocolate (skim) milk a day…don’t tell The Enforcer” After touring the liberal arts in his studies of Mathematics, Philosophy, Astronomy and Chemistry at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels, this aspiring Renaissance man completed one year of Medical school and worked as a cancer researcher, where he published four peer-reviewed papers before moving on to building a wireless startup. “Chief Sage” Percy has now found his home as an entrepreneurial philanthropist, inspired by the meaningful results of this program in people’s lives. Motivated by the TOMS shoes “One for One” model of giving a pair of shoes to a child for each purchase, he intends to address the prevalence of childhood obesity by extending the Enforcer coaching program in this manner. Percy has a penchant for pulling office pranks, practicing yoga, using the force and his green lightsaber, and being walked by his personal trainer, dog Shelby.
  • Tawny Ratner CHIEF TRAINING OFFICER Daily Steps: 12,000 “Let’s go for a walk!” Tawny became involved in this project in 2009, when Dr. Roizen began mentoring her to coach others. She added a feminine touch to the Enforcer’s “NO EXCUSES!!” mantra, and helped build an outstanding outcomes record. Inspired by the Dr. Roizen’s promise that better health was “easy, and it won’t take long,” she founded the Cedar Hill Walking Club as a public service project in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Getting healthier was easy, and it didn’t take long, but she didn’t do it alone. She took along a good number of neighbors who also enjoyed increased wellness and vitality. As it is important to Tawny that our office culture reflects our wellness philosophy, fresh fruit fills our candy dishes and walking breaks and walking meetings are encouraged. Her interest in wellness extends to energy therapies. She is a Reiki Master and a second level Healing Touch practitioner. In all her endeavors, she finds purpose in giving to and helping others.
  • The Coaches TEAM ENFORCER Daily Steps: 13,744 These coaches may look sweet, but they can be tough! “We take our work seriously…but not too seriously”
    From coast to coast, our coaches facilitate the Enforcer experience for our participants. With diverse interests in health and wellness, they all share an expertise in nutrition and dietetics and a passion for living wellness in their own lives. Following the program themselves, they share a very personal connection and empathy for the struggles of the participants. The coaches understand the challenges; they too sit at desks and still get 10,000 steps a day—no excuses!
    Their personal connection through e-mail means that they love helping people to find the thing that works for them, because they feel the excitement and energy when participants succeed from following the program, seeing benefits to their energy, sleep, health issues, and overall long-term wellness, after which they don’t want to go back to feeling bad. Our coaches are there to help you succeed, every step of the way.

  • Corporate Wellness Programs Your Goal To maximize efficiency by lowering overhead costs and provide the support needed for a productive, creative, and vibrant workforce. Our Method Behavior change is the most important and most difficult way to encourage healthy living, and the Enforcer does just that. We provide best in-class outcomes based on 25 years of coaching expertise. Our clinically valid, consumer-friendly programming leads your employees to develop a new energy and efficiency within the workplace. A Partnership The Enforcer coaching program encourages individuals to adopt healthier lifestyles. As a result, employees become more engaged and productive, improve customer satisfaction, and consume fewer healthcare expenses, ultimately driving your whole company to improved success.
  • Eliminate Major Healthcare Cost Drivers Lifestyle behaviors drive chronic diseases, which are the largest contributors to high healthcare costs, and are often preventable or even reversible. By targeting these areas of change, the Enforcer supports people to make the modifications they need to move towards greater quality of life and lowered healthcare expenses. Step 1: Start moving Step 2: Smash the ash Step 3: Eat fresh and mindfully Step 4: Relax Step 10,000: Bring energy, enjoyment, and vitality to home and work life. The "Big 4" chronic disease contributors: LACK OF PHYSICAL ACTIVITY TOBACCO USE POOR DIET AND NUTRITION UNMANAGED STRESS
  • Deliver Best In-class Outcomes Tobacco Quit Rates and Weight Change: Being told to quit: Group support plus nicotine replacement: Enforcer rate: Success rates and results separate the Enforcer from other wellness programs. Based on 25 years of coaching experience, the key to success lies in the Enforcer’s unique high touch personal communication and inspirational expertise.

    Aside from numbers, the best outcome is one through a natural intervention where a participant feels well, experiences a lift in energy, sustains positive change, and wants to pass the gift along to their loved ones.
    Enforcer Weight Loss Rate:
  • Shanna Days In Program: 438 Weight Loss: 85 Waist Loss: 9 Today made my year!!! My original goal was to fit into a size 8, but today I bought a size 2 with room to spare! Thank you for all your help! Coach's Note We’re so proud of Shanna for making incredible improvements in her health. Both she and her husband have made amazing transformations.
  • Ron Days In Program: 173 Weight Loss: 87 Waist Loss: 6 People are noticing, which is nice. Wearing clothing that is now too loose is incentive enough to carry on with the program. Coach's Note Ron is extremely dedicated—I’m fascinated by the inspirational quotes he sends to me that get him through the day!
  • Judy Days In Program: 137 Weight Loss: 58 Today I received a “bravo!” and a “bless you” for walking at lunch. It felt good to be noticed by an unexpected source Coach's Note So proud of Judy for working her way back up to 10,000 steps after having foot surgery and a cast for many weeks!
  • Carla Days In Program: 76 Weight Loss*: +2 Waist Loss: 3 My kids are so proud of me for quitting smoking and my commitment to staying smoke free…plus I feel so much less tired! Coach's Note Carla is enduringly positive and 100% committed to the program and to herself. It is a joy to watch her dedication and growth.

    * Most people who try to quit gain a lot of weight, but not on our program.
  • Lee Breathing Free Days: 74 Weight Loss: 15 Since I quit smoking I seem to have more money, less tension with my wife, more energy and can finally sleep through the night. Coach's Note I have no doubt Lee will never smoke again and I will continue to support him every step of the way.
  • Amy Breathing Free Days: 10 It gets easier every day. I used to have coffee and a smoke every morning. Now I can wake up without any kind of craving. Coach's Note Amy continues to see great success. Brava for keeping up with her steps and emails and reaching her milestones.
  • David Days In Program: 21 Weight Loss: 5 Waist Loss: 3 Once we started looking, we were surprised at how many foods we could find that met the guidelines and that we enjoyed. Coach's Note David was worried at first about boredom with his food choices, but we worked together to try different things.
  • Jennifer Days In Program: 89 Weight Loss: 23 Waist Loss: 5 I can’t believe I’ve finally hit my goal waist size! I’m ecstatic about my accomplishment…I truly appreciate your guidance and coaching. Coach's Note Watching Jennifer’s accomplishment has been incredible. Her daily steps and progress remain steady and we couldn’t be more pleased!
  • Michael Days In Program: 56 Weight Loss: 14 Waist Loss: 5 Feeling good! Seeing results only makes me more motivated. Coach's Note We love seeing Michael consistently hitting his 10,000-step mark every day and becoming a real food-detective. We’re so proud of him.
  • Mary Days In Program: 163 Weight Loss: 22 Waist Loss: 8 I walked to town and back with my son today, something I could not have managed when I began the program. Thank you! Coach's Note Mary is a super star stepper. She always finds a way to add in extra steps past 10,000, and it shows in her results.
  • Mike Breathing Free Days: 40 Weight Loss: 24 Waist Loss: 3 I’ve gained an extra two hours a day without going outside to smoke. It’s like I have a whole new life. Coach's Note Mike walks 2 miles in the morning and runs 3 every evening. It’s great to see the positive effects of breathing free in his life.
  • Doug Days In Program: 51 Weight Loss: 29 Waist Loss: 3 My wife says I look 10 years younger, and you know what, I feel 10 years younger! Losing weight has made such a difference. Coach's Note Doug’s energy and commitment to change is inspiring. His emails are always positive and speak to his enjoyment for stepping and learning.
  • Weight Loss A 6-month program designed to help you lose weight and reduce your waist size. Belly fat is a health risk for disease, disability and early death. While this is NOT a medical program, you will create goals with the help of a dedicated team of professionals, including dietitians, exercise physiologists, stress management therapists, etc., led by Dr. Michael Roizen, a.k.a., the “Enforcer”. You will be guided to walk strong every day and avoid the 5 Food Felons™ that damage and age your body. By following our directions exactly, NO EXCUSES, you can expect to reach your weight and waist loss goals and increase your vitality and sense of well-being.
  • Smoking A 7-month program designed to help you breathe free with off-the-charts quit rates. The tobacco cessation program involves daily interactive email exchanges between you and your health coach. You will create goals with the help of a team of medical and non-medical professionals led by the Enforcer, Dr. Roizen. The smoking cessation program also incorporates the weight loss program, helping participants to kick the habit for good with 80% quit rates while actually losing weight. Beyond the numbers, the best results are feeling happy and healthy!
  • Diabetes A 6-month program designed to help you lose weight and manage your blood sugars. The diabetes program is similar to the weight loss program, but designed to follow your blood sugars. You will create goals with the help of a team of medical and non-medical professionals led by the Enforcer, Dr. Roizen and exchange daily emails with your health coach. Participants in the program will work on lifestyle behaviors that directly impact the severity of diabetes. Beyond the numbers, the best results are feeling happy and healthy!
  • Hypertension A 6-month program designed to help you make healthy lifestyle changes to normalize your BP, lose weight and enjoy more energy. The healthy blood pressure program is an interactive, highly personalized email exchange between the Enforcer team and you. The program educates, motivates, and coaches you to engage in lifestyle behaviors that contribute to healthy blood pressure. 60% of people with high blood pressure can achieve the ideal BP of 115/75 by participating in this program, along with experiencing the benefits of the weight loss program. Beyond the numbers, the best results are feeling happy and healthy!
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